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Disciplines of Dance


Ballet- Through the classic art of ballet, your child will develop grace, coordination, poise, a disciplined control of the body, a feeling for music and art, and a wonderful sense of accomplishment. Emphasis is given to thorough technique, posture, and body placement.

Tap- Designed to develop rhythm, coordination, balance and agility, our fast- moving tap classes are enjoyed at all levels.

Jazz- Emphasizing freedom of movement, creative, self- expressive, fast- moving jazz is a great aid in achieving physical fitness. Emphasis is given to technique, including kicks, leaps, flexibility, isolations, turns, strength and control.

Pre- School- A tremendous aid in school preparedness, dance instruction during the formative years better equips a child physically for any later type of activity than almost any other kind of training. Pre-school classes develop individual personalities, a sense of rhythm, feeling for movement, coordination, group participation and taking direction. 

Acrobatics- The art of acrobatics is one of control, endurance, pliability, form, balance and beauty of the body. Emphasis will be on bending, splitting, balancing and tumbling. It will combine dance and tumbling to the rhythm of music. 

Hip- Hop- A stylized and refined form of street/ break dancing which utilizes contemporary music as the catalyst for movement. Emphasis will be on isolation and independent control of body parts.

Pointe- Classical ballet movement performed in pointe shoes. *Only qualified students will be able to participate.

Lyrical- Choreography should tell a story using balance, extensions, and flexibility using the lyrics or mood of the music. *Prerequisite: Ballet

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